How Good Is It to Recall Tragic Events?

The last two weeks have seen one film after the other on the death of Princess Diana and the landslide at Thredbo in New South Wales. Both events happened 20 years ago and while watching the anniversary services and other things the thought crossed my mind of why do we replay these events? The Australian first people have a policy that when someone dies their image should never be shown. It is not hard to understand why?

Many have gone from my life over the years and possibly as a result of all the replays of these death scenes many of them are coming back fresh in my mind. It became very gloomy looking back and tying myself into the mood of the moments in which they went. As we say in the West ‘life goes on’, but these repeated reminders of how some lives end is unhelpful.

The world has such recall every year of wars, devastating battles, natural disasters, and terrorist events, such as 9/11 in the USA. We are not allowed to forget and move on while every one of these draws us back to the past. Surely we know in our hearts how these things affected us so do we really need constant reminders of them?

Because of my memory of reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe I know that we have all returned to life after death. This is mentioned in the bible (Job 5:19-21) but few pay heed to it. It also states therein that we will all be back in our bodies for the last days (Isaiah 26:19). That means that death should be celebrated and not mourned.

The end is fast approaching and the massive rise in population speaks of the truth of these words as those who have passed are re-joining the living. The Spirit has used death to send its people around the world and now it is gathering them again into its own space (ibid 42:16-18).

Religions don’t know how the Spirit works and they are responsible for the anniversaries and the rituals the pretend are beneficial to the dead. Now, however, many are waking up to the lies and equally know that heaven and hell are tricks to fool the masses.

With that in mind it is folly to remember the dead because we may well be nursing them as babies before long. Many have given evidence of past lives and taken researchers back to where they died. Some have even solved their murder while others have reunited with parents whose children died in their young years.

Dr. Ian Stevenson spent 40 years researching reincarnation stories and created many videos of the evidence he collected. The question is why are we so stuck in the past when the future is before us? Why be so interested in death that we cannot see life and the promises of God, the real one.

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